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The less tension and effort

the faster and more powerful you will be

-Bruce Lee

Diamond Dominators Fast Pitch LLC.



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"The most important attribute a player must have is mental toughness."
-Mia Hamm
Heather Pomilio



Heather brings over 25 years of teaching experience both on and off the field. Known as a fierce player in high school, she came away with a .500 career batting average, 3 All County Player awards, 3 MVPs, and 3x Daily News All Stars. At Georgia Southern University, which she attended with an athletic scholarship, Heather dominated the Division 1 level with a .361 batting average and received all TAAC honors.


Perhaps known mostly for softball, Heather was also a vigorous volleyball, basketball and soccer player in college, going on to coach middle and high schoolers in some of these sports, as well.

Heather's most valuable strengths as a softball coach and pitching instructor are her passion and willingness for continued learning in the field. She is never satisfied with what she knows and seeks out the highest level of instruction for young women.

This has brought Heather to the Tincher Pitching Method, designed by Denny Tincher. This method focuses on a technique that transfers the body’s energy for maximum advantage on the mound regardless of body shape or height. Being confronted with her students complaining about sore shoulders and knowing this to be a sign of poor mechanics and over throwing, Heather's research brought her to the Tincher Method where she began to observe the results from Denny's students first-hand before fully studying the practice for her own benefit. Heather went on to complete a 70+ hour certification program making her the first and only Certified Tincher Pitching Instructor on Long Island.


In addition to coaching, Heather has over 15 years of teaching experience in public schools. She has been a Health and Physical Education Teacher for middle school in the Dorchester Two School District in South Carolina, as well as a Special Education Teacher for emotionally disturbed and learning-disabled students. Heather has taught students with varying social, emotional, and cognitive learning issues ranging from autism to anxiety to ADHD.

Heather's accomplishments as an athlete and coach continue to win her praise and prestige. Heather is a 4-time Hall of Famer.  USSSA Slow Pitch Team of Distinction, New York State Softball Hall of Fame (NYSS HOF) Class of 2018, September of 2019, was inducted into the Nassau County High School Athletics Hall of Fame, October 2021 Long Beach High School Wall of Fame. 





What is Tincher Pitching?

The Tincher Method was designed by Denny Tincher, father and pitching instructor for 2008 College Player of the Year, Angela Tincher, who stunned the world in 2008 with a no-hitter against the U.S. Olympic Team. Together, they developed some unique approaches to softball pitching, and Denny has found these to be quite successful with other pitchers throughout the east. Denny,

a graduate of Marshall University with a Master’s degree in communications, particularly enjoys the challenge of working with experienced pitchers who have reached a plateau and cannot seem to get to the next level.

In a sport where dominating pitchers tend to be well over 6-feet in height, people often ask us how a pitcher like Angela, just 5’7″, could pitch at speeds around 68-mph, achieve so much movement on the ball, and establish herself among the top pitchers in the college softball record books.  He calls it the Tincher Maximum Energy Transfer System, a technique that transfers the body’s energy for the ultimate advantage on the mound.  It allows pitchers of average height to utilize their natural strengths, specific to the female body, in ways they might not have considered previously.  And, yes, for taller pitchers who feel there is “power left in their body that they just

can’t unleash”, they are always surprised at how easy it is to make small changes that bring exciting results while pitching more comfortably.

The goal is to help your pitcher discover ways to pitch much more smoothly, lengthen the stride, engage the legs more fully, and enjoy safe and healthy pitching mechanics that lead to more power, greater endurance, and more dramatic movement pitches.  Can the Tincher Maximum Energy Transfer System work for you? 


"The caliber of instruction that Coach Heather provides is superb. Her passion paired with her extensive knowledge of the sport creates the perfect learning environment for athletes to thrive. Coach Heather does an exceptional job setting boundaries that allow for a solid foundation of trust and respect between her and the student athlete. I love that she is honest with her athletes about their progress and the work they have to put in outside of the training session.  Heather will always have her student athlete's best interest at heart and that is what makes her one of the greatest coaches around!​"

Former player


Long Beach



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